Meet the Girls

Christel Möller, The Company, Borås

Christel Möller was next in line. Working at The Company in Borås – having had a bit further to travel that morning. She came well prepared with a myriad of home-made concoctions and the need for a blender for her fresh rhubarb puree needed in her main serve.

Christel has an outgoing and positive appearance which put everybody at ease. Having entered competitions only a few years back – she still had nerves of steel. Having admitted afterwards she was shaky – nothing was shown to the peer of judges.

Her style although full of smiles is pretty formal with a professional delivery and demonstration of skills and technique. Christel had spent some time with her prep work prior and had garnishes which were both pretty and different. She made perfect displays of bottles and had a soft but firm voice in her delivery.

Her Rhuby cocktail – Rhuby Rose – had initially been thought to use slightly different ingredients – while Christel had understood the delicate nature of Rhuby and instead went for the pure Rose water and white rum. Even though delicate the rosewater came through slightly strong in the drink.

Her style was clear and she explained her choice of ingredients per category, while did not tap into reasons why she had selected the specific brands vs. others.

Overall the girls could have spent some time on product knowledge per the various brands they used. Having entered a Rhuby specific competition, not one of the finalists spent the time simply talking the judges through some heritage and product knowledge per some of their ingredients. As a hint for the next competition this is key to gain the high scores as the judging sheet certainly has this as a main criteria.

Her concoction was in line with the wonderful summer months which still showed no signs of giving up mid-October. Again a confident finalist who had a lot of bar knowledge and customer experience.

Rhuby Rose

1 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 cl Rose water
2 cl rhubarb squash
3 cl Rhuby Liqueur
2 cl Metusalem white rum
A dash of mint syrup
1 tablespoon sugar
5 frozen strawberries
Add ingredients into a blender. Frost the cocktail glass with pink rosewater and sugar.
Glass: cocktail glass.
Garnish: Fresh mint

Her Classic was a Margarita, something she did explain she loved making, with a quick name-change to the Rhuby Senorita. Due to the international nature of the choices some of the finalists found it hard to get the exact ingredients as it was not something they had encountered in Sweden. Christel on the other hand as given one of her favourites had no difficulty at all. The Rhuby when in a Tequila base needs to be either plenty or the tequila smooth. In this case the tequila overpowered slightly.

Her personal concoction was one of apple pie and custard. She called it På Kanelen – meaning slightly tipsy in Swedish – with a pretty long list of ingredients and fantastically decorated glassware.

She was well within her time and had certainly heightened the standards and the expectations of the competition. There was certainly at this stage no clear winner and due to a panel of judges looking at all various aspects, they still had key-criteria which varied enormously giving all finalists a very good chance to the winning position. Christel had the temperament of a finalist and openly was there to win. Although a nice social gathering there was no doubt the competition was fierce and the girls all wanted to win the title.

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Christel Möller

Her cocktail Rhuby Rose

Christel Möller

På Kanelen