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Karolina Forsbäck, Strängnäs

From Strängnäs and the county of Rhuby came Karolina Forsbäck. She freelances at Kulturpärlor, Rogge Hotell and various others in the vicinity in Södermanland. As one of the few trained bartenders and female in the county Rhuby was delighted she made the shortlist selection of entrants.

Her inspiration was even more locally anchored than her own heritage with the concoction Södermanlands Julita. She explained the naming perfectly and pushed the heritage and presence of the Rhuby brand. The judges felt her cocktails all displayed great backgrounds and inspiration. She had good thoughts and motivations with a high energy feeling behind the bar.

Majority of the ingredients came from her own back-garden.

Sörmlands Julita

5cl Rhuby
1 rhubarb stalk peeled
1,5 dl crushed ice
4cl Vanilla Vodka
1 Pinch grounded cinnamon

Add all ingredients to a blender.
Garnish: Tall cinnamon stem
Glass: Tall Glass

Some of the judges commentary was that of a ‘slush’ consistency and with a thicker consistency vs. the traditional Daiquiri. The drink was one of the highest scored from the consumer panel (chief editors) while the bartender duo and blenders gave it a slightly lower rating due to above anything a thick more ‘edible’ consistency. Flavour had high marks.

Slightly challenged with the Classic Karolina went ahead after a few hits and tips from Elsa in the judging panel. She had been handed El Presidente which she quickly renamed ‘First Lady’ and hit the floor.


Karolina has a forward and happy persona. Making the experience in front of bar pleasant and relaxed. Her energy is high and happy. As a relatively young bartender and one of the very few educated in the Södermanland county, Karolina keeps herself busy and advises on cocktail menus and training.

Her personal and last entry was again created by bringing her own ingredients from the back garden. This one a summer typical with raspberries and refreshing summer tones. Karolina lost several points with this drink solely for not having named it properly before turning up to the competition. Although quick – Mamma’s Special – the damage was already done and she gained very few points.
Although having gained a lot of points on the flavour and execution Karolina’s home-made juices and blending of ingredients lowered her totals slightly as the creations would not be simple to recreate and take time for those who did.

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Sörmlands Julita

Karolina Forsbäck

Karolina Forsbäck

First Lady