Meet the Girls

Rosie Paterson


Second up was Rosie Paterson from the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh, in an-all-pink attire and a dry sense of humor. Her Rhuby cocktail – I’ll fizz your rhubarb (which could have somewhat naughty connotations) showed a great depth of knowledge around the product and ingredients used. Having spent time and understanding on the product and bringing the drink into autumnal mood she started with a cinnamon infused rye, coating the inside of a Champagne flute, left to chill (acting like a bitter).

She then poured into a Boston shaker:

Rosie brought with her warmth and spiced up Rhubarb, garnished with a fresh rhubarb in cinnamon sugar, blow torched to be caramelized.

Her classic Daiquiri she used muddled fresh rhubarb instead of a bitter and showed great craftsmanship on the floor thinking fast and creatively on her feet.

Little Jar of Rhuby was a beautifully presented cocktail poured straight up in a crystal, hand-cut, small tumbler. The base with tequila, vermouth and angostura bitters – Rhuby still managed to show its taste. The drinks were a delight to eye and palette.

I'll fizz your rhubarb

12.5 ml fresh lemon juice

25ml Rhuby liqueur

25.5 ml Plymouth Gin

2.5 ml Gomme

Shake up and pour into emptied Champagne flute. Top up with some pink Champagne and add garnish.

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