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Kvinnlig entreprenörkväll på Rogge - Strängnäs

by Emma


A female entrepreneur evening was held in Strängnäs Kommun to increase the networking and communication between the many powerful and creative females living there. The evening was in aid of Breast Cancer and raised close to 2000SEK. The donations came in from Hälsoskaparna, Aubergine, Prima Pralin and Rhuby for the event.

After a short presentation about general traits and clichés on females and running a company/career; Gabriella of Prima Pralin made a presentation about chocolates and her company.

The turn-out for this first initiative was low while the fabulous support of Hotel Rogge and the other supporters of the event made it a worthwhile evening. The discussion between the entrepreneurs went on for a while and it was agreed some of the debate needed to be shared with the Kommun to run forward on the ideas discussed. Up-dates will come on the site.

It is now started and the stage is there to move forward.

Many thanks to all of you who came – beating the snowstorm howling on the outside. WELCOME back to Sweden.

Karolina – bartender at Hotel Rogge – receives a commendation for her creativity, having made a special drinks menu all in pink.

The favourite was the Rhuby refresher:

3 parts Rhuby poured over ice

1 part vanilla vodka

Top up with soda.

Decorate creatively and enjoy.

For an even fruitier flavour – add frozen strawberries.

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Pink Your Drink 2013 - Courtyard by Marriott - Sinnen & Smak

by Emma

Pink Your Drink 2013 was held the 17th of October at Björk Bar, Courtyard by Marriott in Stockholm. Last year the competition was held during the London Cocktail week in collaboration with Raymond Blanc and his venue The London Cocktail Club, Shaftesbury Avenue.

8 finalists from across Sweden were selected by an international panel of bartenders and competed for the title as ‘Miss Rhuby 2013’.

The Finalists:

–      Elina Lingman – The Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi.
–      Ida Kruth – Clarion Hotel, Östersund.
–      Moa Carlson – Barakademin & Radisson Blue Waterfront, Stockholm.
–      Sara Garsten – Restaurang Lokal, Stockholm.
–      Josefin Holmqvist – Urban Deli, Stockholm.
–      Sofie Larsson – Magic Bar, Stockholm
–      Christel Möller – The company, Borås.
–      Karolina Forsbäck – Freelance, Strängnäs.

The girls competed in front of an esteemed panel of judges which included two of the most recognized distillers in the Swedish Spirits industry – Solveig Sommarström (V&S) and Angela D’Orazio (Mackmyra). In addition the panel held 2 key chief editors and 2 finalists from previous competition held in London – Elsa Holmberg and Jolene Cadwell.

Judging panel:

–      Solveig Sommarström – Master blender Rhuby (Previously V&S ).
–      Angela Forsgren D’Orazio – Master distiller Mackmyra.
–      Mona Johansson – Chief editor Allt om Mat.
–      Annika Rådlund – Chief editor Hotell & Restaurang
–      Jolene Cadwell – Bar manager Papaji’s England, Finalist 2012.
–      Elsa Holmberg – Bar manager Brass Monkey, England, Finalist 2012.

After a close competition the selected winner – Sofie Larsson – Stockholm. Sofie was celebrated winner at centre stage at the event Sinnen & Smak in front of 350 guests. The event was packed with Swedish celebrity chefs, Master of wines as the founder of Rhuby is keen to add the cocktail scene into this crowd, recognising the skilful art of cocktail making.

The various cocktails made by Sofie showed good bar skills and a personal touch. Her cocktail ‘Miss Regina’ is dedicated to her close friend and Swedish actress Regina Lund who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Miss Regina

3cl Rhuby
2cl Absolut kurant
Russian tonic

 Mix peeled Rhubarbs, Rhuby, Absolut Kurant and sugar in blender.
Serve in whiskey glass with crushed ice and
top up with Russian tonic.  (Swedish pink grapefruit tonic – could be exchanged with the Fevertree Elderflower for a great taste)

The winner was later celebrated at the nightclub Solidaritet in Stockholm – Stureplan. Solidaritet participated with ‘pinked menus’ throughout the weekend charging a premium for each ‘Pinked Drink’ where the income was donated to the Pink Ribbon.

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Rhuby in Sweden

by Emma

Rhuby Liqueur is represented by Berntson Brands based in Stockholm. Berntson Brands has a long and successful history in Swedish spirit industry. The company started in the 1950s and since then worked with many of the largest spirit producers in the world.

During 2013, Berntson Brands developed a new website. For more information, please visit .

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Rhuby enters Belgium

by Emma

During the summer of 2013, Rhuby got a visit from Peggy Vermeylen who stayed a night at the Rhuby Island. Peggy had discovered Rhuby and wanted to bring the liqueur to Belgium. Her company, Taste to Treasure, now offers a Swedish rhubarb liqueur in their selection. Taste to Treasure offers authentic and high- quality products, some one can eat and others drink. Fantastic!

To visit company website, enter: Taste to Treasure

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Expansion på Systembolaget

by Emma

Med en snabb tillväxt har Sverige-baserade rabarberlikören Rhuby tagit sig in på monopolet – Systembolaget med jättekliv.

I juni 2013 fick varumärket en permanent listing efter att ha suttit i beställningssortimentet sedan lanseringen December 2011, med de premiumbutiker som ingår inom Systembolaget. Detta beräknas vara ungefär 25 % av de butiker man har nationellt. Bra försäljningssiffror i sommar och en omtyckt produkt har nu givit Rhuby en 70% listning nationellt i Sverige från den 1sta December.

Den lite förändrade och uppgraderade produktpaketering har kommit ut i rätt läge för att Rhuby skall fortsätta sin positiva tillväxt.

Grundaren bakom Rhuby Ylva Binder säger – ”Det är fantastiskt att få en sådan möjlighet men nu gäller det att vi får ett fortsatt support i och med försäljning för att behålla vår position och växa. Då flaskan är vacker hoppas vi på mycket julgåvor i december.”

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