Rhuby - Pink Your Drink - 2014 Stockholm

This year's Swedish final took place at the bar of the 2013 Pink Your Drink Winner, Sofie Larsson, Magic Bar in Stockholm.

With 8 amazing finalists ready to take to the stage, the final was gearing up to be the most magical. With the stage set, the girls presented their drinks to a judging panel consisting of:

Ola Carlson, Barchef le Noceur

Regina Lund, Actor and artist (Honorary judge)

Sofia Larsson, Owner Magic Bar and PYD 2013 Winner

Solveig Sommarström, Owner Viness and Rhuby Master Blender

Ylva Binder, founder Pink Your Drink and owner of Rhuby

After being astounded by the variety of cocktails prepared, and the skill and determination on stage by all the girls, the winner was annouced as Charlotte Halzius from The Orangeriet in Stockholm with her cocktail Forever Ago served in a birdcage for a great dramatic impact.