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Bathtub Gin - New York

by Emma

Rhuby launched in the US during 2012, since then one of our best customers has been Bathtub Gin. So if you are in New York, make sure to visit this great establishment for some wonderful Rhuby cocktails.

Did you know that gin was the predominant drink in the US during the prohibition? We are glad that gin isn’t steeped in bathtubs anymore. Rhuby mixes really good with gin, during the  Pink Your Drink competitions many of the bartenders have used gin. If you want inspiration for mixing, visit the Pink Your Drink section on the webpage and find some great tips.

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Pink Your Drink US - Elsa Holmberg

by Emma

Pink Your Drink started in 2012 with the first ever female only bartending competition in the UK. The competition was held during the London Cocktail Week at the London Cocktail Club owned by Raymond Blanc. The competition attracted female bartenders across the country and 8 finalists were selected to compete in the final.

One of them, Elsa Holmberg, a native Swede working in the bar scene in the UK. Elsa was placed in second place and only lost by a few points. Over the years Rhuby kept in touch because her professionalism and personality is highly appreciated. During the Stockholm competition in 2013, Elsa partook in the panel to judge the cocktails made by the Swedish bartender finalists.

In October 2014, the competition will take place in NYC, US. Rhuby needs to expand the presence in New York City and Elsa takes part of the team supporting the company with Pink Your Drink from March 2014 based in New York. She is currently studying the American cocktail culture and history at University in Nottingham and during the months she will write her thesis while living in NYC.

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Rhuby and Boutique Brands

by Emma

At an bartending event in London, Rhuby met representatives from Boutique Brands and we got to try a great tequila. A couple of months later Rhuby Liqueur can be found in their portfolio of spirits. Boutique Brands will represent Rhuby in the UK market and will handle growth. Rhuby sits comfortably within their premium portfolio aimed at the on-trade market and premium off-trade accounts in the UK and Ireland. Boutique Brands is a luxury drinks brand development specialists and Rhuby looks forward to the future.

Ylva states; Handling the growth on my own was becoming impossible and I am beyond delighted having the pleasure to work with such professionals. I felt I was not enough and could not service my accounts to the level they deserve.

To learn more about Boutique Brands, please enter: Boutique Brands website 

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