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Off-trade news Sweden

by Emma

Rhuby entered nationally in the Swedish Systembolaget June 1st 2013. With great sales figures Rhuby jumped up in distribution, starting with presence in 25 % of the stores Rhuby  got 70 % distribution from December 1st 2013.

Recent news gives Rhuby the pleasure of staying at 70 % distribution the following months and we are hoping that the sales continues to grow.


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Rhuby at Skvaderdam

by Emma

Our beloved Tommy Isaksson has been out and about with the student Crowd – ensuring he is in with the ladies. Rhuby partook in the event Skvaderdam – a party held at Uppsala University. We can always count on that Tommy does a great job for Rhuby.

At the Pink Your Drink cocktail competition in Stockholm 2013, he was surrounded with lots of ladies working the event. Gossip has told us he was given some special kind of coffee by the bartenders Elsa Holmberg and Jolene Cadwell that made sure he could keep up with all the things happening. We are grateful for everything he does for us and with a true passion for the spirit industry he is a great guy to have on the team.

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Rhuby in Sweden

by Emma

Rhuby Liqueur is represented by Berntson Brands based in Stockholm. Berntson Brands has a long and successful history in Swedish spirit industry. The company started in the 1950s and since then worked with many of the largest spirit producers in the world.

During 2013, Berntson Brands developed a new website. For more information, please visit .

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