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Pink Your Drink

by Ylva

Over the past few years we have kept #pyd local where we have given the money raised directly to the people it concerns. Last year our donations came just before the end of a life. Luckily the funds raised helped to pay for an honourable farewell and funeral. #pyd #fuckcancer

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Pink Your Drink Gala Dinner - 24th October 2015 - Tickets on sale now

by Ylva

Pink Your Drink began in 2011 by local entrepreneur, Ylva Binder from Åkers styckebruk, SWEDEN. Her vision is to build a platform to raise the profile of women within the global spirits industry, whilst raising money for breast cancer.

For the past four years, Ylva has been arranging a global female bartender competition. This year 8 countries will partake in the global final on her home turf in Åkers styckebruk.

Earlier competitions have been held at world-renowned bars such as New York’s Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog (World’s Best Cocktail Menu – 2015 Spirited Awards), London’s Callooh Callay and London Cocktail Club, and Stockholm’s Björk Bar, amongst others.

This year we will also screen the ‘Women Behind Bars’ documentary, which has been filmed and edited during the past year. It features some of the top professionals in the drinks industry who talk about the challenges and benefits of being a woman in the industry.

Women Behind Bars also tackles some uncomfortable issues that professionals are reluctant to talk about, such as healthcare, late hours and harassment that females face working behind a bar. The documentary aims to reveal the real story of life working behind bars for women.

The film has been generated by renowned journalist and freelance Pepi Sappal (Wall Street journal and FT) and is her first film documentary after 20+ years as a business journalist.

The owner and founder – Ylva – experienced discrimination during her pregnancy and this is a topic she frequently debates and brings up to highlight differences between sexes.

Only since 2007 has it been possible to a woman to be a bartender in India, and yet it is a rare sight and one which PYD wants to bring to the limelight and educate, showcase and hopefully lobby for a better equality.

The industry is not only a male dominated sector in regards to the people working within it, but also the way the larger suppliers target consumers. Packaging and communication tends to be for a male audience.

Women Behind Bars will be premiered on 23rd October in Akers styckebruk, Sweden. If you are interested in attended, please email


Ylva has generated a brand behind PYD called RHUBY. A female targeted liquid with a lower ABV, pink in colour and bottled in what many refer to as a giant perfume bottle. In taste it is fresh, mature and light. It is ‘summer in a bottle’, according to some of the consumers.

Together with the sale of RHUBY and PYD, the aim is to collect and donate as much money as possible to fight cancer. As long as Ylva is in the driving seat, this strategy will not change.

Global brands spend millions on their marketing. Ylva wants to be able to donate these sums as the brand grows and becomes bigger.

The aim of the global gala in Åker this year (150 seats) is to donate in excess of £10,000 for the fight against cancer in one single evening.

The dinner will be made from local produce grown by nearby organic manufacturers, and the team working the floor and kitchen, will be working for free to help generate the maximum amount of funds to fight breast cancer.

Some highlights of the evening:

Miss Universe, Yvonne Ryding, a good ambassador for female entrepreneurship  will open the gala evening.

Liselott Hagberg give a quick presentation about the support the  government gives to power Sodermanland to become Sweden’s best county for food and beverage producers.

Tommy Ekman and George Nemeth who wrote the song “Running on broken glass” – that will be performed live during the evening.

The music is inspired by the moving backdrop to a wonderful woman – Tiina Magnusson. Tiina in place during the evening and provides a background to this great project during dinner.

PYD founder Ylva Binder will provide a background for her global ambitions of becoming a major contributor to and for women.

Nick Woodward flown in from the UK provides stand-up with the theme on the chest. All material is written exclusively for this initiative.

Live music from Sanja Streuli and its producer – her husband Bengt Streuli – embellish an already magical evening.

The food served comes from a local female entrepreneur – Emma Hjelm – and accompanied by cocktail pairings from 8 of the world’s best female bartenders.

Over the course of 2015, more than 200 international female bartenders struggled to come to Akers styckebruk Södermanland. 12 countries have sent their contributions but only 8 countries and the 8 finalists will be selected to shake their cocktails in Akers styckebruk.

For more information or ticket information contact

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Pink Your Drink 2015 Launches in Västerås

by Ylva

Pink Your Drink 2015 Launch

Wednesday 25th March at The Circus, Västerås

On March 25th, you can meet last year’s national winners at The Circus. From the US Liz Pearce (The Drifter, Chicago, Most Imaginative Bartender) alongside UK winner (SLTN Mixologist of the Year), Sian Ferguson gathered with Sweden’s own Charlotte Halzius from The Orangeriet, Stockholm. They will be guest bartending at The Circus, Västerås’s premiere venue from 20.00 onwards.

During the talented trios will serve their winning concoctions with a slight up-charge to raise funds against breast cancer. Tiina Magnusson, owner of Aqva Västerås – will make a short announcement during the night to anchor the importance of supporting the fight against breast cancer. The song ‘Running on Broken Glass’ created for Tiina when she contracted the disease, performed by her friend Julia Rosqvist – is possible to download off the internet here,  where all proceeds go towards raising awareness and funds to fight breast cancer.

Come down and meet the girls, taste the winning RHUBY drinks and find out all about Pink Your Drink 2015 and the Pink Your Drink Foundation

To join the Facebook group and invite your friends click here

For more information, please email

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Sweden Winner Pink Your Drink

by Ylva

Congratulations to Charlotte Halzius from The Orangeriet for winning the Swedish edition national final of Pink Your Drink 2014.

Will extreme care and attention given to recipes and presentation of her drinks, Charlotte showed a unique style and took 1st place at Magic Bar in Stockholm.

Well done Charlotte, we can’t wait to get you together with the other national winners at the home of RHUBY.

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US winner Pink Your Drink

by Ylva

Well known Chicago bartender Liz Pearce won the national US edition of PYD 2014. Conducted at the No1 bar in the US – The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog – Liz shook up her RHUBY cocktail, followed by a Classic with a RHUBY twist and her signature cocktail representing her flamboyant personality.

All dressed in pink she took the stage and owned the bar for the 12 minutes allowed.

Well done LIZ and congratulations – with a SWEDEN trip around the corner.

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Major Brands Missouri

by Ylva

Missouri opening up their market for Rhuby beginning of July. Of course the tour camper comes by in July 2014 after a stint at Tales of the Cocktail to display RHUBY and talk to all great bartenders around. All-female bartenders please sign up to PYD 2014 for the chance to get to the final in NY in October. Sue McCollum runs the shop in Missouri and is one of the few females in the distribution game – doing a great job – in our opinion.

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Dead Rabbit - Pink Your Drink competition venue 2014

by Emma

Rhuby is blessed for all the support that comes from all places. A great venue for the Pink Your Drink cocktail competition in New York has been a signed up and we are thrilled to announce that – Dead Rabbit will be hosting the New York competition in October.

Dead Rabbit is one of the best bars – if not THE best bar in the world. They have won multible awards during the years and Rhuby could not have been more happy with them hosting the event.

For more information about Dead Rabbit visit their homepage at:

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Tales of the Cocktail 2014

by Emma

Tales of the Cocktail is the largest cocktail happening during the year, founded by Ann Tuennerman and takes place every year in New Orleans, USA. Bartenders from all over the world travels there for this event and spirit producers joins to connect and show their products.

In 2014 Rhuby will officially take part of this event and present the product at the Craft Distiller seminar. This will be the launch of the Pink Your Drink tour in the US. The Rhuby Emissary based in New York, Elsa Holmberg will show her skills and the endless possibilities of cocktail mixing with the Swedish handcrafted rhubarb liqueur.

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Off-trade news Sweden

by Emma

Rhuby entered nationally in the Swedish Systembolaget June 1st 2013. With great sales figures Rhuby jumped up in distribution, starting with presence in 25 % of the stores Rhuby  got 70 % distribution from December 1st 2013.

Recent news gives Rhuby the pleasure of staying at 70 % distribution the following months and we are hoping that the sales continues to grow.


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Rhuby in Norway

by Emma

Rhuby takes new steps in the Nordic market. During the last couple of weeks an agreement has been signed with Palmer Group AS in Norway. After a great meeting at their headquarter product is on its way to the spirit loving crowd in our neighbor country.

We are thrilled about the future and believe that Palmer is a great fit for Rhuby. The norwegian people love rhubarbs as much as the swedes therefore we are hoping Rhuby will be welcomed with curiousness.


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