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New rhubarb fields

by Emma

As the brand grows Rhuby needs to expand the rhubarb fields. The founder of Rhuby enjoys the fact that  her own rhubarbs is being used in the making of her liqueur. All rhubarbs comes from the vicinity both self grown and collected from farmers in Södermanland.

100 new plants has been bought and planted, now we need to wait and see if they like their new spot.

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Officially Swedish

by Emma

Rhuby started off 2011 in United Kingdom always with future planes of moving back to Sweden. Now the step of becoming a fully Swedish company has been made – going from a Limited to the true origins.

Founder of Rhuby nowadays runs her company from her childhood village Åkers Styckebruk, with ingredients and production in the vicinity.

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Bathtub Gin - New York

by Emma

Rhuby launched in the US during 2012, since then one of our best customers has been Bathtub Gin. So if you are in New York, make sure to visit this great establishment for some wonderful Rhuby cocktails.

Did you know that gin was the predominant drink in the US during the prohibition? We are glad that gin isn’t steeped in bathtubs anymore. Rhuby mixes really good with gin, during the  Pink Your Drink competitions many of the bartenders have used gin. If you want inspiration for mixing, visit the Pink Your Drink section on the webpage and find some great tips.

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Strängnäs Julmarknad

by Emma

December 14th, Rhuby took part of the annual Christmas market in Strängnäs, Sweden. 70 exhibitors were invited to show their products to the visitors at the town square. Day started yearly and snow was falling from the sky. The cold weather did not stop Rhuby and with a car packed with cheese trays, Rhuby marmalade and bottles for display, we headed to the town square.

A lot of people came to visit and a few days later we sent a special gift to a lovely lady we met that day. She was one of the first customers, buying her first bottle in December 2011 when Rhuby launched at the nearby Systembolaget store. Rhuby enjoys being part of the community in Strängnäs, people are supportive and really enjoys that a liqueur is produced in their town. See you again in 2014.

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Rhuby webpage

by Emma

2013 was the year that Rhuby Liqueur webpage received a makeover. The previous simple one needed some brushing up to better suit the beauty of the brand.

The founder want the webpage to show the essence of the Rhuby brand and to portray the elegance and the appealing features of the product. The new website romanticise and contribute to the rural feeling that Rhuby represent. The webpage is supposed to  be a source of information and historical portrayal of the brand. It will be regularly updated so one can see what paths the brand takes.

The company Red Onion was contracted the task of interpreting the Rhuby brand. During the evolution of the website, the duo never took a wrong step in the design process. They were always on pitch and came with their own beautiful proposals for design elements.

For more examples of their work, visit their website at

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Breast Cancer Awareness

by Ylva

What better to do to support the cause than chocolate pralines in partnership with Prima Pralin?

Delightful Rhuby truffles in the shape of – yeah that’s right – BREASTS.

Not only delightful in flavour and shape but carrying an important message and raising funds for the Pink Ribbon.

We thought a brilliant idea.


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Rhuby Marmalade

by Emma

There is a food competition held annually in Sweden called Matverk. Every county selects one winner from the surroundings who is sent to the national final. One needs to form a team of 2 people and together produce a product of their choice.

Rhuby founder, Ylva Binder entered the competition together with Monica Naess, owner of Finesserna. The two made an all natural rhubarb marmalade and of course they put some of Rhuby Liqueur in it. The end product is a mature and chunky rhubarb marmalade that fits perfectly with a tray of cheese. They did not win, but came in third and was featured in SVT News – Swedish public service tv station.

The marmalade was put in the goodie bags at “Sinnen & Smak” an food event held by the largest media house, Bonnier, at Courtyard Marriott hotel in Stockholm. Rhuby has been receiving questions via email were one can find the product. Said and done, the product is becoming a company. Rhuby hopes to reach even more people in the future.

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Pink Your Drink 2013 - Courtyard by Marriott - Sinnen & Smak

by Emma

Pink Your Drink 2013 was held the 17th of October at Björk Bar, Courtyard by Marriott in Stockholm. Last year the competition was held during the London Cocktail week in collaboration with Raymond Blanc and his venue The London Cocktail Club, Shaftesbury Avenue.

8 finalists from across Sweden were selected by an international panel of bartenders and competed for the title as ‘Miss Rhuby 2013’.

The Finalists:

–      Elina Lingman – The Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi.
–      Ida Kruth – Clarion Hotel, Östersund.
–      Moa Carlson – Barakademin & Radisson Blue Waterfront, Stockholm.
–      Sara Garsten – Restaurang Lokal, Stockholm.
–      Josefin Holmqvist – Urban Deli, Stockholm.
–      Sofie Larsson – Magic Bar, Stockholm
–      Christel Möller – The company, Borås.
–      Karolina Forsbäck – Freelance, Strängnäs.

The girls competed in front of an esteemed panel of judges which included two of the most recognized distillers in the Swedish Spirits industry – Solveig Sommarström (V&S) and Angela D’Orazio (Mackmyra). In addition the panel held 2 key chief editors and 2 finalists from previous competition held in London – Elsa Holmberg and Jolene Cadwell.

Judging panel:

–      Solveig Sommarström – Master blender Rhuby (Previously V&S ).
–      Angela Forsgren D’Orazio – Master distiller Mackmyra.
–      Mona Johansson – Chief editor Allt om Mat.
–      Annika Rådlund – Chief editor Hotell & Restaurang
–      Jolene Cadwell – Bar manager Papaji’s England, Finalist 2012.
–      Elsa Holmberg – Bar manager Brass Monkey, England, Finalist 2012.

After a close competition the selected winner – Sofie Larsson – Stockholm. Sofie was celebrated winner at centre stage at the event Sinnen & Smak in front of 350 guests. The event was packed with Swedish celebrity chefs, Master of wines as the founder of Rhuby is keen to add the cocktail scene into this crowd, recognising the skilful art of cocktail making.

The various cocktails made by Sofie showed good bar skills and a personal touch. Her cocktail ‘Miss Regina’ is dedicated to her close friend and Swedish actress Regina Lund who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Miss Regina

3cl Rhuby
2cl Absolut kurant
Russian tonic

 Mix peeled Rhubarbs, Rhuby, Absolut Kurant and sugar in blender.
Serve in whiskey glass with crushed ice and
top up with Russian tonic.  (Swedish pink grapefruit tonic – could be exchanged with the Fevertree Elderflower for a great taste)

The winner was later celebrated at the nightclub Solidaritet in Stockholm – Stureplan. Solidaritet participated with ‘pinked menus’ throughout the weekend charging a premium for each ‘Pinked Drink’ where the income was donated to the Pink Ribbon.

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Rhuby enters Belgium

by Emma

During the summer of 2013, Rhuby got a visit from Peggy Vermeylen who stayed a night at the Rhuby Island. Peggy had discovered Rhuby and wanted to bring the liqueur to Belgium. Her company, Taste to Treasure, now offers a Swedish rhubarb liqueur in their selection. Taste to Treasure offers authentic and high- quality products, some one can eat and others drink. Fantastic!

To visit company website, enter: Taste to Treasure

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Rhuby listed at Selfridges, UK

by Emma

Selfridges listed Rhuby in their selection of spirits during 2013. During the month of August Rhuby joined their “Pink month” – as Rhuby has a gorgeous natural pink hue the product fitted perfectly into the Selfridges campaign. We conducted sampling in stores throughout the entire month.

The listing was also covered in Harpers, a magazine dedicated to the UK wine and spirits trade. Article can be found at: Selfridges offers Rhuby Rhubarb Liqueur


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