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Off-trade news Sweden

by Emma

Rhuby entered nationally in the Swedish Systembolaget June 1st 2013. With great sales figures Rhuby jumped up in distribution, starting with presence in 25 % of the stores Rhuby  got 70 % distribution from December 1st 2013.

Recent news gives Rhuby the pleasure of staying at 70 % distribution the following months and we are hoping that the sales continues to grow.


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Strängnäs Julmarknad

by Emma

December 14th, Rhuby took part of the annual Christmas market in Strängnäs, Sweden. 70 exhibitors were invited to show their products to the visitors at the town square. Day started yearly and snow was falling from the sky. The cold weather did not stop Rhuby and with a car packed with cheese trays, Rhuby marmalade and bottles for display, we headed to the town square.

A lot of people came to visit and a few days later we sent a special gift to a lovely lady we met that day. She was one of the first customers, buying her first bottle in December 2011 when Rhuby launched at the nearby Systembolaget store. Rhuby enjoys being part of the community in Strängnäs, people are supportive and really enjoys that a liqueur is produced in their town. See you again in 2014.

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Expansion på Systembolaget

by Emma

Med en snabb tillväxt har Sverige-baserade rabarberlikören Rhuby tagit sig in på monopolet – Systembolaget med jättekliv.

I juni 2013 fick varumärket en permanent listing efter att ha suttit i beställningssortimentet sedan lanseringen December 2011, med de premiumbutiker som ingår inom Systembolaget. Detta beräknas vara ungefär 25 % av de butiker man har nationellt. Bra försäljningssiffror i sommar och en omtyckt produkt har nu givit Rhuby en 70% listning nationellt i Sverige från den 1sta December.

Den lite förändrade och uppgraderade produktpaketering har kommit ut i rätt läge för att Rhuby skall fortsätta sin positiva tillväxt.

Grundaren bakom Rhuby Ylva Binder säger – ”Det är fantastiskt att få en sådan möjlighet men nu gäller det att vi får ett fortsatt support i och med försäljning för att behålla vår position och växa. Då flaskan är vacker hoppas vi på mycket julgåvor i december.”

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Review Sweden - Pop it

by Emma is a Swedish website designated to people that share an interest in the world of beverages. The four writers mostly feature alcoholic beverages including wine, beer and spirits. June 1st, 2013, Rhuby launched at 25 % of the monopoly stores in Sweden and Pop it wrote an review.

“Clean, berry aromas of rhubarb, roses, raspberries and Swedish candy Jungfrubröst, exactly in line with how the nose should be. The taste has an appealing candy flavor without becoming sticky nor artificial tasting, it has more of a smooth flavor of rhubarb and red berries that is rounded with creamy textures of vanilla. A Swedish liqueur with authenticity and character. 89/100points” – Review made by Mikael Christiansson

Review translated from Swedish – to read the review visit Pop it.

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