Celebrate with Rhuby

If planning for that perfect day. What else to serve but a gorgeous ‘Bubbly Rhuby’ as a welcome drink.

Some may say Champagne is ‘passé ‘ having always been a key staple for a celebration moment.

Rhuby has been developed to put a silverlining to the ordinary and not only mixes superbly with bubbles (Champagne, Cava or Prosecco). It also takes away some of the acidity in the drink with equal measure Rhuby to bubble – making the drink less acidic.

For a fruitier and lighter version we strongly recommend flavoured mineral water. Lemon, strawberry or  the slightly tarter pink grapefruit, all variants marrying wonderfully with Rhuby – allowing the garnish to speak volumes. We have seen it all from edible flowers, frozen strawberries or simply a colourful rim or vintage cut crystal where the glass itself forms part of the seduction and celebration moment.

If you are planning for a big day – why not allow Rhuby and the many bartenders across the world working with the Product – suggest something completely targeted to you. Simply let us know favourite colours, flavours and your typical drink and we will get back with a simple suggestion based on your favourite flavours. Mail jolene@rhuby.se

Have a gorgeous day and we hope the many suggestion already posted on our site will get you imagination flowing.

Wonderful wedding cocktail

1 part Rhuby,
1 part Bubbly (Champagne, Prosecco, Cava)
Garnish to celebrate.