Meet The Girls

Connie Cain

Representing new bar RYND in Reading, which hosts some top male bartenders in the UK, Connie arrived with 24 hours notice as our first reserve and had high pressure on her with little preparation time for the final.

Connie’s bright, cheerful, rock-pixie personality was a pleasure for the crowds to watch. She entered the bar with all her ingredients for her RHUBY cocktail,  My Mild Addiction, in uniform bottles with printed labels from the bars newly acquired label maker, a feature highlighted throughout the presentation, much to the amusement of the crowd and much excited pride from Connie.

My Mild Addiction was well delivered, with stories of childhood car journeys and travel sweets. This led to a lovely, light, refreshing drink. The peach and RHUBY flavours came through nicely, really showcasing the flavour of RHUBY.

Connie picked the Collins for her second cocktail and came up with an original and well thought out, on the spot Collins. Using the flavours of RHUBY, and using gin, cucumber, lemon juice and mint for a refreshing, yet boozy RHUBY collins.

The cocktail that Connie made to reflect her own personality was called Childhood Dream. With RHUBY,  tequila, coconut syrup, lemon juice and rhubarb bitters, and garnished with a mint leaf.  An original drink with great presentation, delivered with cheerful reminiscence.

Overall, Connie demonstrated a great bar style, scoring highly for bar technique and consistently using hygienic methods,  great personality and presentation.

My Mild Addiction

50ml Rhuby
25ml Hendricks
15ml homemade rose syrup
12.5ml lemon juice
2 dashes of peach bitters

Shake all ingredients and top with prosecco

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