Rhuby derives from those simple and powerful, vivid images and memories of bittersweet tartness only rhubarb can create. A taste and flavour to love and a colour so three-dimensional and vivid.

There was an esthetic need to create something as precious as the plant and the taste itself for the bottle. The shape of bottle needed to have a masculine appeal taken the gorgeous pink colour of the liquid.

RHUBY is a drink ordered and consumed due to its’ flavour profile which should not be judged as a female or male drink, while the natural colour of juiced rhubarbs tend to appeal to the female audience.

The balance between male and female was an important aspect when delivering the look.

The bottle is hard and angled while the precious natural Beauty of the perennial plant and flowers inspird the decorations on the bottle itself as a balance to the ‘stocky’ and square, exuding a tactility as the plant itself.

The colour of the liquid tantalize the taste buds even before coming out of the bottle and the thought of rhubarb has all our mouth water.

Every detail has been carefully looked at, nothing left to chance, while nature has been allowed as the creator of the liquid. Welcome Rhuby, a true Swedish taste sensation with the most Nordic flavour there is.

The main inspiration has been the stage of the growth when the rhubarb is just about coming up from the earth and peaking its head into the sun. All curled up and fragile in a most vulnerable and loveable shape. This is where the intimacy of the ethereal and decorative label work comes in, to later develop into a tall and powerful stalk.

The bottle is adorned, being the clothing of a precious jewel, as to its’ name. Not to overpower the liquid and the light pink colour the closure is simple and organic in design, with a driftwood grey finish cork stopper. The glass is heavy decanter style, ensuring the consumer realise the premium of the liquid and can savour each aspect from looking at, tasting, pouring and consuming Rhuby.