Female Entrepreneurs

Rhuby – Rhubarb Liqueur supports female entrepreneurs. With a founder who has had a 25 year long career with the large Corporates and in what is a pretty male dominated industry - she has a passion to share the wisdom and the experience to the best of her ability.

www.friendsofrhuby.com will be a blog-roll initially containing a selection of interview and blog features + videos with great females having broken out of the norm and followed their dreams and desires as entrepreneurs.

The site aims at motivation and support for many as it is not Always the easiest thing to do.

In the blog-roll we will share success as well as disasters, balancing family and children and above all the emotional commitments to make it all work at the beginning.

In the longterm there will be sections built in with financial advise, business establishments and any of the major processes and organisational traumas often seeming so complex before you set off on your new venture. The aim is to be a support site and Place to gain motivation, drive and above all some advice from others who have made it.

We hope females will use this site as a tool to share and communicate and actively enable female entrepreneurs to share their experiences and help and support anybody willing to try.