Having had a childhood in Sweden where ‘moon-shine’ and illegal production of alcohol (due to prohibitive alcohol taxation) the founder of Rhuby started creating her own recipes far earlier than she could consume them. Along with a father who had an avid interest in herbs and spices for the traditional SNAPS, Ylva had a tendency to go for the fruits and sweeter variants. Together they blended, nosed and laughed at their creations, frequently blended and matured in her mother’s cooking pots.


All ingredients are natural with no additives, chemicals or synthetic flavour agents. Entering into making her own concoction - Ylva was adamant it should be completely as nature intended it. Her love for rhubarbs was the driving force finally achieving what is today an Amazing liquid.

Her experience in the industry has included brands ranging from Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire, Dewar’s, Grey Goose, Martini, Glenfiddich, Hendrick’s, The Balvenie, Sailor Jerry’s, Monkey Shoulder, Absolut, Greenall’s and also creation from inception; Svensk Vodka, Bloom Gin, Cristalnaya and Berkeley Square.

Review by the Cocktail Geek: http://thecocktailgeek.com/review-rhuby-rhubarb-liqueur/