Meet The Girls

Kelley Hill

Representing Be At One, Reading, Kelley struggled to calm her nerves as the shakes took over. Her submission cocktail ‘Turkish Delight’ was a mix of RHUBY, Eldorado 3,  Frangelico, with lychee liqueur and raspberry syrup. The shakes prevented a smooth delivery although Kelley showed good product knowledge and the drink was balanced with lovely flavours coming through.

By the second cocktail, the nerves calmed down enough to deliver the self named ‘The Hill’. Using RHUBY, with Aperol and Gin, and a dash of orange bitters to create a RHUBY twist on the Negroni.

Kelley’s final cocktail, and the last cocktail of Pink Your Drink UK for 2014 was named ‘Force of Nature’.  Combining RHUBY, with Eldorado 3, strawberry jam and creme de cassis, and serving with an absinthe rinse. With reasons behind each ingredient, Kelley served an original drink with a nice flavour combination.



Turkish Delight

45ml RHUBY

15ml Lime Juice

10ml Almond Liqueur

5ml Lychee Liqueur

3 fresh Raspberries

Shake and strain into coupette with chocolate dusted rim

Turkish Delight

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