Meet The Girls

Nikki Jo Davies

Representing Wales, Nikki Jo was next at the bar. Nikki, from Nolton Corner in Bridgend, showed some nerves as she approached the bar in her first cocktail competition. From all the international finalists this year, over 50% were partaking in their first competitions. Pink Your Drink is proud to have been a platform, encouraging the girls to compete and hopefully watching their progress as they compete in many more international finals.

Nikki’s nerves seemed to almost completely disappear as she began her first cocktail of the competition. With bags of personality, a very charming and endearing Nikki made her RHUBY cocktail, Rosy Red Rhuby. She competently explained reasons for not only her ingredients, but her methods, and showed great understanding of her trade. The result was a very presented, tasty, light and very drinkable cocktail.

For her classic cocktail round, Nikki selected the Manhattan from  the boston tin. She suprised the judges by not just taking the classic Manhattan spec and adding RHUBY, but using RHUBY in equal parts with a bourbon for a light, fresh and extremely drinkable twist, called the Manahattan Skyline, where the RHUBY really came into play.

All nerves had disappeared by cocktail number three and Nikki presented a RHUBY caipirinha to the judges. Armed with hefty RHUBY product knowledge, her welsh charm explained to the judges stories of trying multiple recipes on her husband before selecting a specification she was clearly happy and confident serving to the panel with a smile and glint in her eye. Simple yet very effective.


Rosy Red Rhuby


Fresh rosemary

1oz gin

1oz Rhuby

100ml Blood orange juice

25ml lemon juice

Muddle rosemary with gin to draw out the oils, add ingredients, shake and strain over ice. Serve with lemon twist and sprig of fresh rosemary.

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