Pink Your Bar

Rhuby actively supports the Pink Ribbon throughout the year – while during the month of October the activity increases further to collect funds for the Charity. Not only do we run PINK YOUR DRINK – the female bartender competition. We also try to motivate all on-trade venues to partake in contributing to this very worthy cause. We encourage bars, restaurants and nightclubs to partake. The opportunities are limited only by our own lack of creativity.

Here below are simply a few suggestions:

‘Pink the bar’ – place entire back-bar with Rhuby to bring awareness and run a themed night with specific cocktail list in aid of the PINK RIBBON

‘Pink the drinks’ – serve pink cocktails with Rhuby throughout Breast Cancer Awareness

‘Pink the menu’ – serving meals that reminds the customer of the initiative – even include Rhuby in the dessert menu – works wonders in Pannacotta

Offer ‘pinked’ drink with a starter at restaurant and donate 10 % of full value of meal to the charity

Each venue decides how much, when and what they want their participation to be. Some of our partners run a ‘PINKED DRINK’ on their cocktail menu throughout the year with an up-charge collected for the Pink Ribbon. Others decide to run a week in October, a weekend or indeed the full Breast Cancer Awareness Month with their own themed initiative in partnership with Rhuby.

Some restaurants co-incide with pinked menus & pinked cocktail pairings.

The Money collected go straight into the Pink Ribbon in the country where they operate to ease logistics and ensure a simple and efficient collaboration for all involved. We trust all our partners and the fantastic work they do.

For 2014 in the USA we will have a specific account number for PINK YOUR DRINK 2014 to ensure the funds raised are donated for the females in the industry needing surgery and have not got private Medical Healthcare Insurance. These details will be communicated when you approach us to partake in the event.

Rhuby provides simple cocktail suggestions, T-shirts and information packs for our partners for the period they partake.

If we all join together – more Girls can have this essential treatment to save lives and increase the awareness amongst us.