Pink Your Drink click to SIGN UP to the all female annual international bartender competition – PYD 2016 

Rhuby and the ‘Pink Your Drink ‘foundation commits to a loyal and long-term alignment to raise funds and increase the awareness of the Pink Ribbon and support female entrepreneurs.

The major activity of the year takes Place in October – Breast Cancer Awareness – when the finals for the all-female bartender competition PYD battles it out in various countries, with the global final will be held in Sweden – the home of RHUBY). To enter click the link above. To know more about this years competition visit the Facebook Community pages PINK YOUR DRINK Global and rhubyliqueur where up-to-date information is readily available and up-dated. Otherwise browse our historical Collection from the competitions under the headers her above.

The foundation makes small but frequent donations throughout the year – but make a leap during the month of October (breast cancer awareness month) when the foundation in addition runs an all-female bartender competition. In combination with the actual cause, the competition is supporting women in what frequently is seen as a male dominated industry – hoping to bring more women into a trade which is massively fun and social.

The main reasons for taking this direction;

  1. The founder has personal reasons –  we all have encounters with a disease this wide-spread amongst us.
  2. Alcohol has frequently been placed as a potential culprit for an increased risk to women to develop breast cancer (including diet, stress, lack of sleep). It is better to spread the Word vs. hiding and here is a half-proof Product geared towards women
  3. Motivate and attract more women to the industry

Rhuby is a lower alcoholic spirit which holds the elegance and mature flavour of a nice drink aimed at women – made by women.

There are further layers to the support.

  1. Arranging during certain time period with retailer a donation (which is sometimes matched by the outlets) for each bottle purchase of Rhuby.
  2. Supporting strong female entrepreneurship where is a rolling blog (currently being edited and created) via interviews and links into interesting and compelling female ventures. A Place to be motivated, learn and gain support.
  3. The annual Rhuby Pink Your Drink cocktail book. Each submitted recipe during the year is compiled in an electronic downloadable designed cocktail book for a cheap purchase of £4.99. All profits go directly towards The Pink Ribbon.
  4. The annual (sometimes bi-annual) auction of Pink Photography where each image and profit is donated to chosen charity for the Pink Ribbon. Held in private venues with individals having expressed an interest in running the evening (often a dinner). If you are one of those – please write directly to

Each event and organisation is better followed via Facebook and Twitter where frequent up-dates come almost daily.