Each year during the month of October, Rhuby holds an all-female cocktail competition in addition to many other activities in order to raise awareness and funds to the Pink Ribbon.

The competition was introduced in 2012 during the London Cocktail Week with competing bartenders from across the UK, in partnership with Raymond Blanc. In the judging panel the 2 founders of Speed-Rack/president of LUPEC NY - Ivy Mix and Lynette Marrero, Chief Editor of Bar Magazine UK, the founder of Rhuby and Solveig Sommarström - one of the leading female master distillers world-wide.

2013, the competition took place in Stockholm in conjunction with media house Bonnier and their title Allt om Mat. Head sponsor - the Marriott Hotel. In the panel of judges we had 2 Editors in Chief of food and beverage magazines, Master Distiller Solveig Sommarström (also master blender Rhuby), and Angela D'Orazio Master distiller Mackmyra whisky. In addition 2 of the finalists from the competition 2012.

For 2014, Rhuby is calling all female bartenders in the US. The final will be taking place in New York during the month of October.

To enter and have a chance to get there - please register on the site and we will send a Rhuby sample. Then go to work and make THE best Rhuby concoction ever. If you are one of the 8 selected to get through to the final - 2014 in NY - all expenses are covered and you will compete in front of an esteemed panel of judges and flashing cameras. TV has expressed an interest to potentially screen the competition 2014.

Each finalist is asked to create three cocktails – the entry cocktail to get into the competition, the second is a ‘cocktail classic’ decided by the judging panel on the day (with a Rhuby twist) and finally a cocktail of your choice – something that you believe will show your flare and creativity. The third cocktail is what you would call your signature and contains the Products you choose.

You will be shaking under timed conditions and in front of our esteemed panel of judges, who will choose a winner based on taste, skill, presentation and speed - not to forget the very important customer entertainment and service.