What is Rhuby?

Rhuby is an all natural rhubarb liqueur  from Sweden without additives, chemicals or synthetic flavour agents. The rhubarb is collected within the vicinity of the local distillery, located in Åkers Styckebruk, Södermanland.

The vodka in Rhuby comes from one of the first Organic distilleries in Södermanland, Sweden, carrying a neat and sharp wheat finish.

The product is 20% ABV, and the vodka gives it a sharpness enhancing the tart flavour of rhubarb. It offers a mature and elegant flavour profile taken the small amount of sugar. The low sugar content  gives the liquid a low viscocity texture, which can easily be consumed as a cocktail or pre dinner drink, simply shaken over ice and poured into a chilled Martini glass, vs. the more standard liqueur after dinner drink.

Rhuby is the main-staple in any cocktail and can not be treated as an ingredient due to a subtle and delightful profile which is lost in too many flavours.

managed by professionals, drunk by connoisseurs and mixed by bartenders