Meet The Girls

Robyn Wilkie

First up to the Callooh Callay bar to kick off the first Pink Your Drink final of 2014 was Robyn from The Library, London.

Dressed immaculately with an air of professionalism and confidence, Robyn started with her Rhuby entry cocktail ‘Think Pink’. With slick technique, Robyn explained the reasons behind all of the ingredients in her drink explaining her personal inspiration for the drink. The drink was as immaculately dressed as she, with rhubarb wrapped around the outside of the glass.

Next was the classics round where the girls picked a cocktail out of the hat (or boston tin as it happened to  be!) and gave it a Rhuby twist. Robyn picked Dark N Stormy, where she used RHUBY, Eldorado 3, lemon juice and ginger ale for a lighter alternative the ‘Pink N Stormy’.  Thinking fast and explaining her choice of ingredients, she served another well-presented cocktail to the panel.

For her final drink, to show her personality, Robyn delivered the ‘Sherry Blossom Girl’

35ml homemade fino sherry cordial

30ml Rhuby

15ml lemon juice

10ml sugar syrup

Wedge grapefruit

Served over crushed ice with peychauds float

Robyn again showed excellent bar technique and technical knowledge with a confident and charming delivery.

Think Pink

30ml Rhuby

25ml Absolut

10ml Aperol

15ml Lemon juice

15ml Sugar syrup

Rhuby & Ginger conserve

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