Meet The Girls

Sian Ferguson

Next up to the bar was a confident and cheerful Sian, from Heads and Tales in Edinburgh. Delivering her first cocktail with heavy product knowledge of all ingredients and methods, the Rhock and Rholl was a fresh, Rhuby heavy martini. In true Rhuby style, Sian gave stories of family memories as she presented the judging panel with a personal and charming approach.

For the classic round, Sian proved her extensive skill set and bar technique making a RHUBY Daiquiri using Bacardi and RHUBY with lime juice and sugar. A perfectly balanced and amazing tasting Daiquiri.

The third and final drink blew everyone away. The RHUBY Hi-top, a mix of pisco, RHUBY, graprefruit juice,  lime juice and Angostura bitters was served in a shoebox, full of memories and personal souvenirs Sian holds dear to her.

Amongst the concert ticket stubs and notes, stood a perfectly balanced, fresh cocktail with a clean taste and silky mouthfeel.

Sian took the well deserved first place for her selection of balanced, flavourful cocktails with professional style and techniques, likeable personality throughout and a good understanding of RHUBY as a product and the ethos behind it.





Rhock & Rholl

30ml RHUBY




Stirred down and served straight up with a crushed Rhubarb Rock sweet rim.

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