Meet The Girls

Sofia Pinckard

Second up to the bar was Sofia, from Manhattan 34 in Leicester.  Her submission cocktail ‘Rhuby Sting’ complemented the herbaceous notes of RHUBY. With home-made nettle syrup and chilli, Sofia provided the judging panel with an original and well-balanced cocktail.

Sofia drew the Aviation as her classic to give a  RHUBY twist. She shook up RHUBY, gin, creme de violette and lime juice for her second cocktail of the competition.

For her last cocktail, Sofia showed off her love of baking with a cocktail equivalent of lemon meringue pie. Served with lemon meringue pie! The Tarte Limon gave Sofia the opportunity to talk to the crowd about all things baked and her Italian heritage, she opened up and her personality shone through. Combining baking techniques with cocktail bartending the result was yummy as pie.


Rhuby Sting


1 tsp stewed rhubarb

1oz homemade nettle syrup

pinch of red chilli

1oz zubrowka

1oz lemon and lime juice

4 dashes peychauds

Shake all ingredients and double strain into martini glass with icing sugar and chilli rim

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