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Rhuby webpage

by Emma

2013 was the year that Rhuby Liqueur webpage received a makeover. The previous simple one needed some brushing up to better suit the beauty of the brand.

The founder want the webpage to show the essence of the Rhuby brand and to portray the elegance and the appealing features of the product. The new website romanticise and contribute to the rural feeling that Rhuby represent. The webpage is supposed to  be a source of information and historical portrayal of the brand. It will be regularly updated so one can see what paths the brand takes.

The company Red Onion was contracted the task of interpreting the Rhuby brand. During the evolution of the website, the duo never took a wrong step in the design process. They were always on pitch and came with their own beautiful proposals for design elements.

For more examples of their work, visit their website at www.redonion.se

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