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Ladies Circle Strängnäs

by Ylva

During October we partnered up with Ladies Circle in Strängnäs and presented the Rhuby brand at a fund-raiser for the Pink Ribbon.

A room full of ladies, there to spend and indeed donate for this worthy cause.

Rhuby was there in conjunction with fevertree (a Tonic arriving from the UK) and made a simple a delightful concoction of Rhuby and a dash of their recently launched elderflower flavour. Simply decorated with lemon wedges and ice in a Champagne flute.

1 part Rhuby / 1 part Fevertree Elderflower – decoration lemon wedge in Champagne flute

After a presentation about Rhuby and a nice dinner the auction took Place with items raised by the people present and local nearby businesses. The evening attracted more than 10,500SEK in the space of  a few hours.

Well done Ladies Circle and once again thank you for having me present and partnered with such a great organisation.

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Review made by The Cocktailgeek

by Emma

During 2013, Rhuby received a wonderful review by The Cocktailgeek. He captured several aspects of what the founder wanted the liqueur to become during the creation. Rhuby is a liqueur that tastes fantastic when drinking neat. The tartness from the rhubarb juices and the sweetness from the added sugar and bourbon bean vanilla can be challenging, Rhuby needs to be the staple in any cocktail. At the same time it is easy for home mixing with a simple tonic for a refreshing drink. We suggests Fever Tree Elderflower tonic.

A five star rating  is humbling for anyone, thank you!

Please visit The Cocktailgeek website to read the review: Rhuby Liqueur review 


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