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Rhuby Emissary mixing in New York

by Emma

Bartender extraordinare, Elsa Holmberg has been out and about in the New York cocktail scene for a month. Meeting up with one of the best female bartenders in the world – Ivy Mix at her working spot Clover Club.

Of course Elsa will be working the Pink Your Drink tour that takes place in US this summer, but one thing you might not already know is that Ivy Mix will take part of the judging panel at the cocktail competition in New York next October.

Ivy Mix together with Lynnette Marrero partook as judges in the first ever Pink Your Drink cocktail competition in 2012 at London Cocktail Club. The two of them are founders of the wonderful Speed Rack – Lynnette will have a different role in the Pink Your Drink tour and Rhuby is more than thankful for the support they are giving.

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Bathtub Gin - New York

by Emma

Rhuby launched in the US during 2012, since then one of our best customers has been Bathtub Gin. So if you are in New York, make sure to visit this great establishment for some wonderful Rhuby cocktails.

Did you know that gin was the predominant drink in the US during the prohibition? We are glad that gin isn’t steeped in bathtubs anymore. Rhuby mixes really good with gin, during the  Pink Your Drink competitions many of the bartenders have used gin. If you want inspiration for mixing, visit the Pink Your Drink section on the webpage and find some great tips.

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