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Rhuby in Diffordsguide

by Emma

Diffordsguide is aimed towards the cocktail scene and is one of the world’s largest and most-visited drinks-related websites. Diffordsguide reviews spirits and of course you can find Rhuby in their catalogue. Please visit at: Rhuby review in Diffordsguide.

They also featured the winner of Pink Your Drink 2013, Sofie Larsson from Magic Bar.

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Review made by The Cocktailgeek

by Emma

During 2013, Rhuby received a wonderful review by The Cocktailgeek. He captured several aspects of what the founder wanted the liqueur to become during the creation. Rhuby is a liqueur that tastes fantastic when drinking neat. The tartness from the rhubarb juices and the sweetness from the added sugar and bourbon bean vanilla can be challenging, Rhuby needs to be the staple in any cocktail. At the same time it is easy for home mixing with a simple tonic for a refreshing drink. We suggests Fever Tree Elderflower tonic.

A five star rating  is humbling for anyone, thank you!

Please visit The Cocktailgeek website to read the review: Rhuby Liqueur review 


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Review Sweden - Pop it

by Emma

Popit.nu is a Swedish website designated to people that share an interest in the world of beverages. The four writers mostly feature alcoholic beverages including wine, beer and spirits. June 1st, 2013, Rhuby launched at 25 % of the monopoly stores in Sweden and Pop it wrote an review.

“Clean, berry aromas of rhubarb, roses, raspberries and Swedish candy Jungfrubröst, exactly in line with how the nose should be. The taste has an appealing candy flavor without becoming sticky nor artificial tasting, it has more of a smooth flavor of rhubarb and red berries that is rounded with creamy textures of vanilla. A Swedish liqueur with authenticity and character. 89/100points” – Review made by Mikael Christiansson

Review translated from Swedish – to read the review visit Pop it.

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