Words from the Judging Panel – London 2012

After 25 years in the business doing the corporate side it was my turn to stand up and introduce my own brand – Rhuby – a humbling experience – at London Cocktail Week. Not that there was not enough brilliant support around me. My master blender Solveig Sommarström, Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero – both co-founders of Speed-Rack. A small gathering with experience and years in the industry in London for the same focus – The Rhuby Pink Your Drink cocktail competition.

Image Gallery

Solveig Sommarström

Ivy Mix - founder Speed Rack

Tasting finalist concoctions


Ivy Mix - founder Speed Rack

Ivy Mix and Solveig Sommarström

Ylva Binder - founder Rhuby

Ylva Binder and Solveig Sommarström

Ivy Mix and Lynette Marrero - founders Speed Rack

Happy judges

Deliberating judges

Ylva Binder

Judging panel